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Fettner Thompson, Attorneys at Law is a Texas professional corporation that serves small to mid-size businesses who conduct business in the State of Texas.  Fettner Thompson attracts clients from all over the world, including New York, Florida, Arizona, California, Kansas, Kentucky, Idaho, Michigan, New Jersey, Canada, Korea, Turkey, Bangladesh and the Philippines.

Fettner Thompson was established in 1992 by Houston business attorney, David A. Fettner. The firm was founded with the goal of serving entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses of Houston, Texas. Over the years, the firm’s clientele has grown considerably.

Shareholder David A. Fettner has represented hundreds of clients in corporate matters, business and real estate transactions, litigation and bankruptcy.   Mr. Fettner has handled hundreds of litigation matters to settlement, verdict, judgment, appeal and collection.  Mr. Fettner has also served as a Court-Appointed Receiver in over four hundred different matters for dozens of state courts. As a Receiver, Mr. Fettner has negotiated and documented dozens of transactions in, and litigated scores of matters.

Shareholder James E. Thompson has handled hundreds of litigation, corporate and appellate matters for the clients of Fettner Thompson. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Thompson served as the briefing attorney for Justice Brian Quinn of the Texas Seventh Court of Appeals.

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